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Sudden changes in temperature can cause your roof to experience THERMAL SHOCK!

Thermal shock is the damage that can occur when the roofing material on your building expands and contracts in a short space of time in
response to temperatures rising or falling too fast.


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If your roof is made up of several different materials, each part could expand and contract at different rates, causing damage.
Over time, the damage from thermal shock can cause leaks showing signs that your roof needs to be restored or replaced.

Laredo, Texas commercial flat roofs, weathered membrane roll roofing and metal roof panels are particularly prone to thermal shock,
causing the flat roofing to move slightly, which opens up seams over time. The flashing, which seals the seams, joints,
penetrations and skylights, become loose in time because of the movement in the roofing material.

Roll roofing material on your building expands and contracts in a short space of time in response to temperatures rising or falling too fast.

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We provide roof coating services throughout Laredo, Texas and surrounding areas.

Flat roofing is a popular choice for Laredo, Texas commercial buildings.
Flat roof materials tend to be easier to install than other roofs. Flat roofs are known for easy maintenance.
But as time passes, flat asphalt roofs, TPO, even metal roofs cannot escape the harsh Texas weather. Exterior elements and stagnanat rain water deteriorate flat roofs.

Whether you are familiar with flat roof coatings or simply exploring your options, Statewide Roof Restoraiton can provide you with all the roof coating information you need to make the right decision for your commercial property. No need for a costly flat roof replacment. If your flat roof is salvagable and the subtrate is sound, roof coating applications have become the next best option when it comes to restoring the flat roof with warranty and expensive replacement savings. Flat roofing services Laredo, Texas.

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Commercial Roofing Services Laredo Texas

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Commercial Roofing Services Laredo Texas

Commercial Roofing Services Laredo Texas